Developing Our People

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Equipping our employees with the skills they need to advance their careers and take on increased responsibility is a priority across the company. We offer a variety of training programs, including the following:

Skill Level of Northern Employees at the Ekati Mine pie chart
  • Management/professional – 13%
  • Skilled – 37%
  • Semi-skilled – 42%
  • Entry level – 8%
  • Apprenticeship programs help northern residents gain the skills, knowledge, and hands-on experience needed to excel in their path toward journeyperson status. The Ekati mine offers apprenticeships in the areas of carpentry, millwrighting, plumbing, mobile crane operation, machining, electrical, warehousing, and instrumentation. Further apprenticeships are offered by our contractor partners in parts, welding, mechanics, and heavy duty technicians. In 2016, the Ekati mine employed 61 apprentices, either directly or through contractors.
  • In 2016, we offered 14 summer student positions to give young people hands-on experience in different departments across the company. Our preferential hiring policy means that summer students are often northern or northern Aboriginal people. Many return for two or more summers, allowing them to expand and apply their skill sets while deepening their understanding of the diamond mining business.
  • The Mine Training Society (MTS) is an independent training organization that evaluates, trains, mentors, and places northerners in mining and mining-related jobs. Through partners like Dominion and the Government of the Northwest Territories, the MTS has provided almost 2,000 individual northerners with training or career counselling. Additionally, it has facilitated employment to over 1,200 individuals, representing 5% of the employed labour force in the Northwest Territories.